Mardi Gras Marathon 2014

On February 2, 2014, Mike returned to New Orleans to run the Mardi Gras Marathon. This race was the first marathon Mike ran in 2011. Several of Mike’s family members (two uncles, an IMG_0072aunt, his mom and Aaron) ran the half marathon. To the right is a picture of everyone at the expo the day before the race.

Mike had a goal to of 3:40. The weather was quite a bit hotter than he was hoping for. It was also very foggy. When running through the French Quarter, there were areas where there was about 50′ of visibility. It was almost surreal. Phil and Susan cheered for everyone doing the race. This was Mike’s mom’s fourth year doing the half marathon!

Mike finished the race in 3:47. He shaved off two minutes from his previous personal best. Mike has shaved off 45 minutes since his first marathon in 2011! Shortly after the race, Mike signed up to run the Miami Marathon in January 2015. Maybe a 3:40 will be doable. Then again, it will probably be quite hot at that race too.

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