Birthdays – Brian’s 17th and Aaron’s 12th

On February 17th and 18th, we celebrated Brian’s 17th birthday and Aaron’s 12th birthday. When birthdays2011Aaron got home from school on his birthday, we took him to Academy Sports and bought him a basketball goal and an outfit. On the morning of the 18th, we let Brian open his gift, which was a Sony car stereo. Brian also got an outfit for school. Brian is saving his money to add an amplifier and subwoofers to his car stereo system. On the 19th, we let Aaron have a small birthday party at the house. Several of Aaron’s friends from school and the neighborhood came over. The boys played several games of basketball. After a few games, the boys ate hot dogs and birthday cake. The boys also threw water balloons at each other. Here is a photograph of Aaron searching for his next victim.

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