Blue Angel Airshow 2009

On July 10, 2009, we went to another Blue Angel Airshow. Each year we look forward to the airshow at Pensacola Beach. We went by boat early Saturday morning. We met many of our other blueangels2009friends, who also went to the airshow by boat. Going by boat is much easier than by car. The beach traffic is usually backed up by 7am. Brian’s girlfriend, Brittany, went with us. Our niece, Nicole, also joined us for the airshow. It was her first time at the Blue Angel Airshow. Dan joined us for the airshow for a second year. The previous year was rained out, so this was actually Dan’s first time to see the airshow too. We blew up our water trampoline for the kids to play on. My foot was still wrapped from surgery in June. I could ┬ánot get in the water. A funny fact, was that for me to use the bathroom, Susan would have to push me to shore in an intertube. By the end of the day, Susan and I had the trip to shore downpacked. Here is a photograph of the three cousins, Nicole, Brian and Aaron.

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