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New Years 2009

On New Years Eve, 2009, we went downtown to witness the first Pelican drop in Pensacola. Many cities have famous drops (like the New York City ball drop and the Atlanta peach drop). Pensacolanewyears2009 took after the theme by building a large lighted pelican to drop at the stroke of midnight.

My mom and Susan’s mom were able to join us. The festivities included dancing for the children. Several of the local mascots were at the party. At 8 o’clock the children lit the Pelican. We left shortly afterward. Mom watched the Pelican drop on television at midnight. Susan and I were out celebrating with friends at midnight.

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Christmas 2008

For Christmas 2008, we stayed home for a Pensacola Christmas. I had to work during the day.xmas2008 However, I was able to come home and spend time with the family. Susan’s mother was able to join us from Montgomery, AL. Here is a photograph of Susan and her mom Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, the boys opened two presents. They got a tent and a tent light for camping off of the boat next summer. The following day, everyone woke up very early to see what Santa brought. The kids got many gifts that they have wanted for some time. We opened presents before I had to go to work. Even the pets made out this year!

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July 4th, 2008

On July 4th, 2008, we did something a little different. In previous years, we drove downtown to watch the fireworks. Since this was our first year with a boat, we decided to take the boat to the july4th2008beach to watch the fireworks.

Normally we go downtown and watch the fireworks over Pensacola Bay. This year, we took the boat to Pensacola Beach and watched the fireworks over Santa Rosa Sound. First, we went to Sand Island and threw the Frisbee for awhile. Our friends, Brandon and Dee joined us. Sand Island can only be accessed by boat. After the stop at Sand Island, we went to Pensacola Beach, behind Flounders Restaurant, and docked. We stayed the evening there until after the fireworks. We had a nice time. The fireworks on the bay are better, but not as easy to view from a boat. We were able to see the Pensacola Bay fireworks in the distance.

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Easter 2008

For Easter weekend, we went to New Orleans to visit with my mom and stepdad. The weekend was fun filled with a NBA basketball game, a crawfish bowl and church.

On 03/22/08, we went to our first NBA Basketball game. We watched the New Orleans Hornets easter2008defeat the Boston Celtics. The game was very good. The Hornets trailed the Celtics until the final quarter. Before the game, Brian and Aaron enjoyed playing during the block party. Jared from Subway was at the game. Can you find Jared?

On Easter Sunday we went to church with mom. After church, we had a crawfish boil near Lake Pontchartrain. We boiled 16 pounds of crawfish, cajun style. Several of the mudbugs tried to escape on us. Luckily Brian was nearby to recapture them! The boys and Phil also tried to fly a kite near the levee. The high winds turned the kite into an attack kite as it kept swooping downward.

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New Years 2008

On New Years Eve 2008, Susan and I celebrated the upcoming year at Capt’n Funs newyears2008Downtown. We met several friends at the bar. Here is a photograph of us shortly before the clock struck midnight.

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Christmas 2007

On December 14, 2007, we visited my mom in New Orleans. Mom was graduating with a bachelor’s degree from college. While in New Orleans, we saw Miracle on Fulton Street. The exhibit included artificial snow, live reindeers and various photograph backdrops. Harrah’s Casino xmas2007puts on the display near their hotel and casino. To the right is a photograph of us at Miracle on Fulton Street.

For Christmas 2007, I  woke everyone up bright and early! I had to work on Christmas day, so we had to get up early in the morning to open presents before leaving for work.

On the day after Christmas, Roy Jones, Jr., was promoting his upcoming fight with Felix Trinidad. xmas20072Brian and Aaron had the opportunity to meet Roy Jones and take a photograph with him. To the left is the photograph of Brian and Aaron standing with Roy Jones Jr. Roy Jones signed two boxing gloves and two posters for the boys.

On the weekend after Christmas, Phil and mom came into town after spending a week in the mountains. We waited to share gifts, so we had Christmas again! On New Year’s Eve, Phil and mom took Brian and Aaron to Pensacola Beach for a fireworks show.

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July 4th, 2007

For July 4, 2007, we watched the fireworks downtown. I was on call for work. Since I was on call for work, I decided to work a sidejuly4th2007 job at  a wharf, that was near the firework show. My mom, stepdad and our niece, Nicole, were able to join us to watch the fireworks. All of the family joined me at the wharf. Before the fireworks, the kids seemed to want to take a lot of silly photographs. Here is a photograph of Susan sitting on her niece’s lap. My mom and stepdad are in the background.

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Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 was a busy holiday season for our family. Brian and Aaron were in a Christmas play, we went to New Orleans, Brian played in a Christmas musical and of course we had our christmas celebration out our own house.

On December 10, 2006, Brian and Aaron participated in a Christmas play at St. Andrews Methodistxmas2006 Church. St. Andrews is a small church where one of our friends is a member. The boys practiced for the play for about a month. The play went really well. Brian had to read a script and sing in a trio. My mom and stepdad happened to be in town during the play. So they were able to see the boys perform. The photograph to the right is of Brian and Aaron in the play.

On December 16th, we drove to New Orleans, where my mom was living. We stayed one night to visit with my mom. On the 16th, we took a ferry ride across the Mississippi River. This was the ferry made famous in the movie Deja Vu. When returned to the New Orleans side of the Mississippi, we strolled through the xmas20062Riverwalk mall. There we played around in the Brookstone store, ate some Beignets at the Cafe Du Monde and watched the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship set sail. The photograph on the left is Susan and Brian playing around at the Brookstone store. We then explored City Park. City Park was decorated with numerous lights. They had some ferry tale exhibits and a laser light show. Since this would be the last time we would see my mom before Christmas, we went ahead and exchanged gifts during our visit. On the following day, December 17th, we headed to a New Orleans Saints football game. My mom and stepdad treated us to our first NFL football game. The Saints lost to the Redskins, 10-16. After the game we went to Margaritaville to enjoy some seafood, a cheeseburger in paradise and a large plate of nachos. After filling our stomachs, we browsed the French Market right before we left New Orleans for our home.

On December 18th, Brian played in a Christmas Musical with his middle school band class. His xmas20063class played very well.

Susan’s mom, Mrs. Lafreniere, was able to join us for Christmas day. On Christmas Eve we went to St. Andrews Church for a candlelight service. Afterward, we opened one gift, which is a tradition with our family. The photograph on the lower right is Brian and Aaron on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, everyone opened their presents. After opening presents, we had a nice ham dinner. This was an eventful Christmas that we will never forget.

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Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 we loaded up the car and headed to Montgomery, AL, where Susan’s family thanksgiving2006lives. The Thanksgiving meal was hosted by Tom and Maggie, who are Kelly’s (our sister in law) parents. All of Susan’s family was able to make thanksgiving dinner. Everyone had a good time and had plenty to eat. On the following Friday night, we met at Lisa’s house and had Thanksgiving meal, part two.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, everyone met at Susan’s mom’s house to watch the FSU v. Florida football game and eat some BBQ. FSU lost but we had a good time eating BBQ with the family. Afterward, Susan and I took the children to the Shakespeare Festival to feed the ducks. The photograph below is the four cousins feeding the ducks outside the Museum of Art. thanksgiving20062After feeding the ducks, we explored the Museum of Art.

On Saturday evening, the family met at Steve’s to enjoy a bonfire and grilled food. Thanksgiving is a time we like to enjoy family time. The photograph above is the cousins resting at Steve’s house. The weekend was very busy, but very fun. We got to go to have dinner at all of Susan’s families houses. This Thanksgiving is among the top best ones by far!

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Memorial Day 2006

For Memorial Day 2006, we spent the day at Johnson Beach. Johnson Beach is a National Park memorialday2006that is between Pensacola and Alabama. Susan’s brother and sister, along with their families were able to come down and share the weekend with us.  The weather was beautiful for us. Here is a photograph of Susan, her sister and sister in law. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.