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Christmas 2005

The 10th Christmas (Christmas 2005) we celebrated as a family was excellent. We had a very xmas2005nice Christmas. Thankfully, I did not have to work. Brian and Aaron woke up about 4:00 am Christmas morning. After checking out their stockings they fell asleep on the couch waiting for Mom and Dad to awake. My mom and stepdad were able to stop by Christmas evening for a ham dinner. Here is a photograph of the boys sitting next to their presents, before they are opened. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

July 4th, 2005

Each year, the Sertoma Club puts on a fireworks display in Pensacola Bay. For July 4th, 2005, Susan’s sister (Lisa), her husband (Bob), and Nicole were able to join us. Susan’s brother and hisjuly4th2005 family were able to come down for the weekend. They had to leave the morning of the fourth. Steve had to work on the fifth. Unfortunately, I had to work the evening of the fourth. However, I was able to join the family until right before the fireworks show. The festivities were kicked off with a parade. After the parade we just hung out by the bay in anticipation of the fireworks show. Just before the start of the show I was dispatched to a crime scene and had to leave. Everyone had a nice time, and I could even see the fireworks from where I was working. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Christmas 2004

We had a very nice Christmas in 2004. This year we spent Christmas with just our family in xmas2004Pensacola. We were able to visit with family before and after Christmas. Before Christmas, Susan happened to be in Montgomery when her sister, Lisa, was having her work Christmas party. Bob got Lisa a limo and Susan accompanied Lisa as her date. To the left is a picture of Susan and Lisa before the party. Thanks to everyone who helped make this Christmas special. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Thanksgiving 2004

For Thanksgiving 2004, we went to Montgomery to spend the holiday with Susan’s family. Steve, thanksgiving2004Susan’s brother, hosted Thanksgiving dinner at his house. We had a wonderful time. While the children played outside, the adults sat around the kitchen eating chips and dip. After dinner, everyone sat together for a nice family photograph. Here is the family photograph. I have no idea what Maggie and Aaron are looking at. Frank, Mrs. Lafreniere’s boyfriend, took all of the below photographs. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

July 4th, 2004

Each year, the Sertoma Club puts on a fireworks display in Pensacola Bay.  For July 4th, 2004, july4th2004Susan’s Sister (Lisa) and her family (Bob, Nicole and Alyssa) joined us to watch the show.  Alyssa’s best friend Lauren came down as well. We started out watching a small parade and then just hung around for awhile enjoying the festivities. Once darkness fell, we setup in the middle of the street to watch the show.  Following the show we decided to not fight traffic and listenedto the radio and danced as the crowd thinned out a bit. Here is a photograph of everyone waiting for the parade. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Christmas 2003

As always we had a wonderful Christmas in 2003. The weekend before Christmas we went to xmas2003Montgomery to visit Susan’s family. We forgot to bring the camera to Montgomery. On Christmas Eve, my mother and stepfather came over to visit. Christmas morning was quite a surprise for both of the boys. Santa left Brian a radio controlled dirtbike he has been wanting for quite some time. Aaron got his first “boys” bike to cruise the streets on.

This Christmas was our first in our new home, which made it even more special for us. Thanks to everyone who helped in making this a wonderful Christmas for us! We are fortunate to have such a nice family. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Christmas 2002

This holiday season was special for many reasons. After spending seven years in the Army, this was our first Christmas back home! xmas2002Since we were so close to family we got to spend Thanksgiving with Susan’s family and Christmas Eve with my family. It is good to be back! To the right is a photograph of all of the cousins in Montgomery.

Every year the Saint Anne’s Catholic Church had a spectacular light display. For our first year back in Pensacola, we decided to go and see the lights. Luckily we did because in two years Hurricane Ivan destroyed many of the light and Saint Anne’s stopped the display. While Susan and I enjoyed looking at the lights, the boys enjoyed enjoyed riding the train on wheels around the area. This was their 39th year having the display.

My mom, stepdad and stepbrother were able to spend Christmas with us. On the left is a xmas20022photograph of all of us at Christmas. Thank you to everyone who gave to us. I am better equipped for work with new clothes and a multi-tool, Susan will be looking snazzy at work in her new clothes, and the boys will have months of entertainment with all their new toys.

While we enjoyed getting all of our gifts, probably the most memorial event was watching Aaron fall off the loveseat, try to grab the tree while falling, and landing on the presents. He wasn’t hurt, but was quite stunned and didn’t try that stunt again!

Click on either photograph to view the entire gallery.

Easter 2002

Easter 2002 was our last Easter in El Paso. The boys started off inspecting their baskets the easter2002Easter Bunny left for them during the night. Shortly afterwards, Susan and I hid some Easter Eggs for the kids to hunt. Later that night, we hosted a small party and invited some of my coworkers and friends.

Here is a photograph of Brian and Aaron talking to family on Easter. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

New Years 2002

On New Years Eve 2002, we had a small party at our home in El Paso, TX. We inivited our newyears2002neighbors and friends over to hang out with us. We spent most of the night watch television and dancing to music. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Christmas 2001

Christmas 2001 was our last Christmas in the Army and at El Paso, TX. This was one of the few xmas2001Christmas Days we spent alone as a family. The distance between our home and our family made it difficult to be with anyone for the holidays. We attended the Christmas party for my office. On Christmas day, we had a quite day as a family. Brian and Aaron made out with a lot of neat toys. Susan got an imported leather jacket from Mexico! Mike got the two DVDs he had been wanting for a long time, Pearl Harbor and Saving Private Ryan. To the right is a photograph of Brian and Aaron on Santa’s lap at the local mall. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.