Christmas 2006

Christmas 2006 was a busy holiday season for our family. Brian and Aaron were in a Christmas play, we went to New Orleans, Brian played in a Christmas musical and of course we had our christmas celebration out our own house.

On December 10, 2006, Brian and Aaron participated in a Christmas play at St. Andrews Methodistxmas2006 Church. St. Andrews is a small church where one of our friends is a member. The boys practiced for the play for about a month. The play went really well. Brian had to read a script and sing in a trio. My mom and stepdad happened to be in town during the play. So they were able to see the boys perform. The photograph to the right is of Brian and Aaron in the play.

On December 16th, we drove to New Orleans, where my mom was living. We stayed one night to visit with my mom. On the 16th, we took a ferry ride across the Mississippi River. This was the ferry made famous in the movie Deja Vu. When returned to the New Orleans side of the Mississippi, we strolled through the xmas20062Riverwalk mall. There we played around in the Brookstone store, ate some Beignets at the Cafe Du Monde and watched the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship set sail. The photograph on the left is Susan and Brian playing around at the Brookstone store. We then explored City Park. City Park was decorated with numerous lights. They had some ferry tale exhibits and a laser light show. Since this would be the last time we would see my mom before Christmas, we went ahead and exchanged gifts during our visit. On the following day, December 17th, we headed to a New Orleans Saints football game. My mom and stepdad treated us to our first NFL football game. The Saints lost to the Redskins, 10-16. After the game we went to Margaritaville to enjoy some seafood, a cheeseburger in paradise and a large plate of nachos. After filling our stomachs, we browsed the French Market right before we left New Orleans for our home.

On December 18th, Brian played in a Christmas Musical with his middle school band class. His xmas20063class played very well.

Susan’s mom, Mrs. Lafreniere, was able to join us for Christmas day. On Christmas Eve we went to St. Andrews Church for a candlelight service. Afterward, we opened one gift, which is a tradition with our family. The photograph on the lower right is Brian and Aaron on Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning, everyone opened their presents. After opening presents, we had a nice ham dinner. This was an eventful Christmas that we will never forget.

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