Eastern Caribbean Cruise

On June 7, 2009, we set sail on our first cruise as a family. Susan and I have been on two cruises previously, but this was their first cruise with Brian and Aaron. The cruise departed from Tampa, FL. We set sail on the Carnival Legend for seven days. We had two interior rooms. Cruise 2009The boys were blown away on the size of the boat and everything to do. While on the boat, the boys really didn’t want to hang around mom and dad. Aaron spent time with Camp Carnival and Brian hung out in the teen club. Each night we made the boys join us for dinner so we could catch up with each other. Susan and I enjoyed the peacefulness on the Lido deck. Probably one of the funniest memories from the trip was Brian trying to make curfew every night. Brian had a curfew of midnight. Shortly before midnight every night we usually heard Brian running in a full sprint to be in his room before midnight. To the right is a family photograph we did on the first formal night.

About a week before the cruise, I injured my foot. I was trying to help my friend trailer a boat. I stepped off of the pier and cut my foot. A nerve was severed and a tendon was partially severed. A couple of days after the accident, I underwent surgery for the first time ever. The orthopedic surgeon blessed off on me going on the cruise. I had several stitches in my foot. My foot was wrapped with an ace bandage. I was on crutches and could not place weight on my right foot. The injury did come with a benefit. When we arrived at the Tampa port, Carnival saw me with crutches and placed me into a wheelchair. We were whisked to the front of the lines and boarded the boat in lightening speed.

Cruise 2009Our first stop on the cruise was Cayman Island. This was our first time having to be tendered to land. There was not a dock to handle the cruise ships. There were several other cruise ships at the island when we arrived. At Cayman Island we did a submarine excursion. We got into a submarine and traveled about 100 feet below the surface of the sea. We saw a lot of fish and a natural reef. We were amazed how quick the waters became deep. To the left is a photograph from inside the submarine.

The second stop was Belize. In Belize we did a snorkeling excursion. We took a boat to a natural Cruise 2009reef. This was the boys first time snorkeling. Before snorkeling, I wrapped my injured foot to prevent it from getting wet. The wrapping failed, but fortunately I did not get an infection. After snorkeling, the boat captain brought us to a small island, which was named Bannister Caye. At the island Susan and I relaxed while the boys played sports and rode on kayaks. The photograph on the right is of Aaron and I returning to the cruise ship in Belize.

Cruise 2009The last stop of the cruise was the Isle of Roatan, which is part of Honduras. This stop was the least touristy stop of the cruise. Our ship was the only one at port. We didn’t do any shore excursions for this stop. We just walked around the port. There were several shops for us to browse through. An interesting fact is that after I returned from the cruise, I learned that I knew someone that was raised on this island. The photograph on the left was taking at the port at Isle of Roatan.

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