Frankfurt, Germany

For our 2016 family vacation we visited Germany and Austria. Since there is a lot of places we visited, I will break this blog into cities that we visited. For the vacation, our friend Maria joined us. She loves traveling Europe and offered to tag along while helping to pay some of the expenses.

Our first stop was Frankfurt. We arrived early in the morning. After getting our rental car (a DSCN3378minivan with a Diesel engine) we arrived at our first Airbnb stay, which was an apartment located on the Main River. Our visit to Frankfurt was centered around me doing the Ironman race, which I will discuss in a separate blog. On our first day, we just settled into our condo and tried to get groceries. By far, one of the hardest things we had to overcome (language wise) was grocery shopping. No joke, we bought three cases of water before we got it right. We kept buying sparkling water inside of still water.

On our second day, I started the day with a practice swim at the Ironman swim start. DSC00750The water was much warmer than I expected. After the swim, I checked into the Ironman race. After I got checked into the race, we went to Heidelberg Castle. The castle was about an hour away from Frankfurt. As our first castle, we were mesmerized. It seemed everywhere we went, crews were setting up for a special event, just like they were at the castle. We weren’t able to go into the castle, so we explored the grounds.

After Heidelberg, we were suppose to visit another castle. When I planned the visit, the two castles were suppose to be close in driving distance, but once there, they were very far so we just called it a night and drove home.IMG_0228

The next day we walked to the Frankfurt Zoo. The zoo was in the center in the center and was a bit smaller than zoos we have visited in the past. After the Zoo, went to the ironman briefing, which was located at the finish line for the race.

On our fourth day, we took a boat tour of the Main River. I planned this because I didn’t DSCN3283want to do too much walking on the day before the race. The boat cruise was nice, but the weather was not cooperating. It drizzled the first half of the boat ride. After the boat ride, everyone but me went to the Werthiem Castle, which is the one we missed on the third day. While everyone else was at the castle, I took a shuttle to check my bike into where the Ironman race started. Susan and Aaron loved the castle. The castle was just ruins for DSCN3352the most part.

The fifth day was showtime for Mike. Mike did Ironman Frankfurt. During the ironman, everyone else cheered for all of the athletes at the swim and the run. The run course passed by our apartment eight times! After the Ironman, we packed up everything to depart for Berlin.

Click on any of the photographs to see more of our Frankfurt photographs.