Grandman Triathlon 2014

On May 31, 2014, Aaron completed his first triathlon. Aaron trained for about three months to get ready for this day! Aaron had no trouble picking up swimming and biking. In fact, Aaron became really good in swimming laps. I also IMG_3463did the 2014 Grandman with Aaron.

The swim start took awhile as each person had to jump off of a pier. I was racer 245 and Aaron was 665. Therefore, I was out on the bike course before Aaron even started the swim.

Aaron did very well on the swim. He actually completed the swim faster than I did! He averaged over 18 mph on the bike course. Aaron ranked 17th out of the 54 first timers. Aaron’s overall time was 1:48. Aaron loved doing the triathlon. He is already registered for the Santa Rosa Triathlon, which is October 4th.

The Grandman was my first triathlon in June 2013. Two of the guys that went through the My DSCN0309First Tri class with me returned to do the Grandman in 2014 with me. Below is a photograph of us after we finished the race. We were waiting to cheer on Aaron as he approached the finish line.

I¬†completed the triathlon in 1:32. I had a goal of 1:30. I struggled during the swim. I wasn’t prepared when it was my turn to jump off. I actually treaded water to start my watch. I then started my swim in a sprint and paid for it. I ended up on my back so I could catch my breathe. I felt good during the bike. I averaged 20.8 mph. My bike split ended up being two seconds faster than last year. I was hoping to average 22 mph. Looking back, I think I held back because of my experience at the Gulf Coast Triathlon (where I went too hard on the bike and suffered for it during the run). The run was quite a bit faster than any of my previous triathlon runs. I averaged 8:07 per mile. This wasn’t too bad considering the brutal hills during the first half of the run. I feel like each triathlon has been a learning experience. Hopefully, I will be well prepared before Ironman Florida in November.IMG_2067

My mom came over and watched the triathlon with Susan. They spent the day chasing Aaron and I from spot to spot. They were both pretty exhausted from all of the running back and forth as well. After the race, we meet my uncles and aunt for a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel. It was nice to see John, Paula and Roy again. We haven’t seen them since the New Orleans Marathon.

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