Indian Cliffs Ranch

Indian Cliff Ranch

While we lived in El Paso, TX, we took advantage of many of the sites the area had to offer. During August 2001, we visited Indian Cliff Ranch. My mom was visiting with us in El Paso when we went to the ranch. The Ranch was located about 30 minutes east of El Paso. The ranch was in a rural area, that looked much more like the desert than El Paso did. In fact, the ranch was the setting for the movie Courage Under Fire. The scenes from the Desert Storm War were filmed on the grounds of Indian Cliff Ranch.

The ranch had a miniature zoo. After filming was completed for Courage Under Fire, many of the props were left behind. There were fake tanks and the shell of a helicopter on the grounds. To see the movie set, we took a hay ride to the site. The day ended with a wonderful meal at Cattleman’s Steakhouse, which was also on the grounds. Susan and I shared a two pound t-bone.

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