Mike’s Hobbies

Mike has dabbled in several hobbies since he graduated high school.  First, Mike picked up img619parachuting.  After joining the Army, Mike was assigned to an Airborne unit and completed the U.S. Army Parachute School in March 1996. After transferring to Fort Bliss, Mike missed parachuting and began the process to learn to skydive. The photograph on the right is of an Airborne operation at Fort Bragg.

Next, Mike picked up running. After he quite smoking in 2005, Mike gained a lot of weight. When dieting did not work, Mike began running in 2009. Mike normally runs at least four times a IMG_0547week. Mike enjoys racing in long distance runs (half or full marathon). The photograph on the left is right after Mike finished his first long distance run.

Mike’s latest hobby is scuba diving. Mike tries to dive a couple of times each month. Of course, this is dependent on the weather and finding someone available to go with him.

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