Mike Diving

During September 2010, Mike obtained his open water dive certification. Michael is also certified to dive with Nitrox (air with a higher oxygen content). After fishing offshore numerous times, Mike became interested in the reefs and the marine life around them. Michael has several coworkers IMG_0791and one friend that were divers. Mike has dived several wrecks in the Gulf of Mexico. The deepest Mike has dove is 113 feet, which was at a wreck about 20 miles south of Pensacola.

During most dives, Mike spearfishes. To date, Michael has speared many greater amberjacks and red snappers. Michael is often asked if he every sees sharks while diving. The answer is sharks have been present at least during half of his dives. Most of the sharks are just curious and swim around the perimeter of the wrecks. Only twice did a shark scare Mike. Once, the shark swam toward Mike right after he speared a snapper. Mike hit the shark with the butt of his spear gun. Thankfully, the shark swam away. That dive was cut a little short. The photograph on the right is of several red snappers that Mike speared offshore. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery of Mike’s diving pictures.

Mike carries a GoPro video camera on most of his dives.  Afterward, he uploads the videos to youtube.  Mike has a channel, named coolingsair, if you would like to view the videos.

View Mike’s Dive log.