Mike Parachuting

During March 1996, Mike graduated from the U.S. Army Airborne School. Before graduation from the school, Mike had to successfully parachute from an airplane five times. Ironically, the first time Mike ever flew in an airplane he jumped out of it. Michael was assigned to Airborne units during hisMike hanging under wing first five years in the Army. Between 1996 and 2000, Mike logged 34 military jumps. All of the jumps were static line jumps (no freefalling). Michael has parachuted from large cargo airplanes, small civilian aircraft, German aircraft and helicopters.

When Michael was reassigned to Fort Bliss, he was no longer assigned to an Airborne position. Mike missed jumping from aircraft. Mike began the process of obtaining his skydiving certification through an El Paso skydive shop. Mike skydived 12 times during 2002. The photograph on the right is of Mike training to skydive in El Paso. When Mike got out of the Army in September 2002, Mike decided to not pursue finishing his skydiving certification at Pensacola.

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