La Mesilla, NM

La MesillaWhile we lived in El Paso, TX, we took advantage of many of the sites the area had to offer. During August 2001, we visited La Mesilla, NM. La Mesilla was a historic city that was located about 45 minutes west of El Paso. The city of La Mesilla is in the southern part of New Mexico.

Most of the buildings in La Mesilla were adobe style. La Mesilla became a tourist location because many famous Westerners passed through the area. A restaurant, called La Posta, claimed to have fed Billy the Kid, General McArthur and Kit Carson. The courthouse where Billy the Kid was sentenced to death was also located in La Mesilla. The former courthouse is now a gift shop. To the right is a photograph of Brian and his Grandma standing in front of the famous courthouse. We perused through the many gift shops, checked out the old fashion buildings and ate at La Posta before calling it a day.

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