Maine Trip

In June 2006, we drove to Saco, ME. The drive was actually a short one since we were already in Boston. The main purpose of the trip was to visit one of my Army buddies, Bill Kendall. Bill and I went through basic training, specific job training, and airborne school with each other. They were also stationed together at Fort Bragg. MaineWe had not seen Bill since he got out of the military in 1999. The weather was great while we were in Maine. We spent two of the three days at the beach. We thought the water would be freezing, but it actually wasn’t too much colder than the Gulf. We enjoyed kayaking in the calm waters. The boys actually camped out in a tent during our stay. On our last day we drove to Freeport to check out the outlet stores and L.L. Bean. In the evenings we grilled up some good food and then hung out by a bonfire. It was great seeing Bill and meeting his new finance, Melanie, and Bill’s sister.

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