Munich, Germany

At Munich, we stayed at our third AirBnB. This time, we stayed on the third floor of IMG_8468doctor’s house. It was lovely. An issue at every place was that none of the places had air conditioning. Most of the days we were in Germany the weather was in the 80s during the day. This equaled going to bed hot most nights. They didn’t even have fans available for us.

After getting settled into the condo, we headed to Hofbrau for dinner and a German beer. The restaurant just seemed a lot more touristy than I expected. I was hoping for a more authentic German brewery experience. The beer was good. A lot of people asked if they served the beer hot: no! 

In Munich we also decided to use the public DSCN3745transportation system. We had so many problems with traffic in Berlin and trying to find places to park we decided to try something different. I must say, using the public transportation system was a lot better experience. The bus stop and train stop were all within walking distance to our Airbnb.

On our second day, we went to a second concentration camp, which was Dachau. Dachau was the first camp in Germany. I found the tour of Dachua better than Sachsenhausen. Dachau also seemed to be a bit more DSCN3759personal to experience. The photograph above is the crematory at Dachua.

After the camp, we returned to Munich. We went to the Munich Residence. This was where several rulers resided in the past. The house was was huge. This was our first shot at walking inside of a very wealthy residence. The had a lot of fine jewelry on display. One room was dedicated to Christian artifacts as well. They had a section of the crown from the Passion of Christ. The photograph on the right is Aaron and I in the banquet hall of the Munich Residence.

After touring the residence, we went to Weihenstephan DSCN3791Brewery. This brewery is the world oldest brewery, which began in year 1040. I have actually had several of the their beers here int he U.S. I was looking forward to having a fresh one at the brewery. There was  a beer garden in the back of the brewery. This was the experience I was waiting for! It was an authentic beer garden. I actually think we were the only tourist there. It sat on the top of a mountain. The views while eating were amazing. The brewery was about 40 minutes away from Munich.DSCN3795

On our last day in Munich, we went to the German Museum. This museum was amazing. I think it was the largest museum any of us have been to. It covered a lot of science. There were six floors. We were worn out afterward! After the museum, we went to a German toy store, Obletter. Maria had her eye on a special German made toy for her nephews. We also bought packages of Haribo DSC02018gummies for 99 cents! They are so cheap because they are made in Germany. My mom also sent us on a mission to pick her up a pair of Birkenstocks, which are also made in Germany. We found some for about $83 USD. Mom was excited. I guess they go for quite a bit more in the states.

After visiting Obletter, we went to the English Garden, which reminded me of Central Park. There was a canal that ran through the edge of the park. There was a section where the water broke and caused a wave. The locals surfed in the area of the wave. The photograph below is the surfers lined up waiting for their turn to hit the water.IMG_8813

After watching the surfers, we went to the Chinese Beer Garden in the park. This was also a nice experience. No tourist, just hanging with the locals.

All of the beer gardens operated the same. You would get a tray and grab your food through a serving line. Then you would go and get your drink. There would be a cashier located at the exit, toward the tables. The setup was similar to a cafeteria. All of the food we had in Germany was very good. They do some things quite better than us. Aaron couldn’t get over their chocolate milk, Maria loved the yogurt, and Susan loved the DSCN3835sauerkraut.

On the following morning, we left Munich to visit Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle was what Walt Disney based the sleeping beauty castle on. The castle was built for King Ludwing’s son. The castle was very impressive. First we visited the King’s castle, which sat on an adjacent hill. This is the photograph on the left. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photographs inside the castle. The family turned the castle over to the state to allow it to be viewed by the public. There were numerous gifts that the King received displayed in the castle. We opted to hike to DSCN3847the top of both castles. The walk to the first castle was not difficult. However, the hike to Neuschwanstein Castle left everyone a bit winded. We did take the bus to the bottom. Maria’s bridge was closed, which is suppose to give the best view of the Neuschwanstein Castle.

After the visit to the castles, we drove to Salzburg, Austria. We all expected to go through some form of border police and had our passports ready to hand over. It was hard to tell when we even crossed the border. There were no signs, no police, just notification on our GPS of the traffic law variances.

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