New Orleans Trip

In March 2005, we drove to New Orleans to visit with my mom. At the time, Susan was in college. Susan’s spring break was initially scheduled for a different week than Brian and Aaron’s spring break. After Hurricane Ivan the boys’ spring was moved to the same week as Susan’s spring break. We decided to capitalize on the good fortune and take our first vacation during a spring break. While in New Orleans we were able to see the Zoo, Aquarium, City Park, French Quarter and Nature Center.

New Orleans

We started our vacation with a visit to the New Orleans Zoo. Unlike any other Zoo we had been to, the New Orleans Zoo was able to provide an extensive swamp display. The rain forest area was also real nice. That is where we took the family picture to the right. My favorite character was the goofy camel. The boys were interested most in the snakes and alligators.

On the beginning of the second day, my mom wanted to show us Lafreniere Park. Lafreniere is Susan’s maiden name. So we took a photograph by the front sign. While at the park we met one of my mom’s friends, a Korean pastor. Also on the second day we visited the French Market to do some shopping. The market was basically a waterfront thrift store. While there,we saw the Mississippi River. We also saw the port for the cruise ships. Later the same year we took a cruise out of this port.
New Orleans 2The third day was our favorite day. This was our first time to visit an aquarium. After a walk through an amazing water tunnel we saw several exhibits that almost looked like fantasy. Make sure you take a look at the albino alligator. At the end, one of the divers gave a speech about the sharks. We learned quite a bit. Then we were just in time to watch the stingrays get fed in the water tunnel. After the aquarium we rode a ferry across the Mississippi River. The ferry was free for pedestrians and offered an enjoying break from walking. The photograph on the left was taken at the aquarium.

On day four, we took a streetcar from the beginning of the track, down to the French Quarter and back. The streetcar went the entire length of St. Charles Street and turned around at Canal Street. Along the route there were beautiful old houses and several universities located in historic buildings.

We started our fifth and final day at the City Park. The City Park is a large park that has several huge playgrounds, an amusement park and interesting trees that grew low to the ground. When we went the amusement park was closed so we hung out in one of the free parks for a little while.

New Orleans 3


The photograph on the right is of Brian and Aaron scaring mom while climbing trees in City Park. After the kids were wore out from the City Park we went back to the French Quarter area to see the St. Louis Cemetery.Initially, we wanted to see the cemetery that was in the film Double Jeopardy. However, we ended up seeing the oldest cemetery in New Orleans and the first to use above ground plots. We went down the road a little ways to catch a glimpse of the St. Louis Cathedral. Thankfully, the church keeps their doors open and allows tourist to come in and see the interior of the church. Pope John Paul II spoke at this church during his second and last visit to the United States. Our final task was a visit to the Audubon Society’s Nature Center. At the gate Brian and Aaron received a bag containing a bug catcher and a magnifying glass. As we walked through the trails, Brian and Aaron caught several ladybugs. Midway through the trail, we stopped at a museum and saw several exhibits. There was one with baby alligators. Phil was able to get all of them to rise and open their mouths when he made this specific sound. Brian and Aaron put on a puppet show for us just before we left.

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