New York City Trip

For our 2010 family vacation we decided to travel to New York City for a week. We booked a condo that was about four blocks away from Times Square. On our first night, we checked into our room. We walked to Times Square. We also went to the Apple Store and FAO Schwarz. The Apple store New Yorkwas so busy. It is actually open 24 hours a day. I was hoping the new iPhone 4 would be on display. No such luck. Aaron fell in love with the new iPad. We ate at this place called Baja Fresh. It was good Mexican food. The photograph on the right is Susan, Brian and Aaron in Times Square our first night.

On day two, we went to the site of the World Trade Center. We couldn’t see much. There is a lot of construction going on. It is gated and the gates are not see through. It was sad to think about what went down there. We went to Battery Park. Battery park is where the ferry departs for Liberty Island. We caught a glimpse of the Statute of Liberty from shore. Aaron had a caricature of himself done. He really enjoyed that. The New Yorkphotograph on the left is of Aaron and and the artist that did his caricature. We took a free ferry to Brooklyn. We were dropped off right at Ikea. We also checked out Wall Street. We saw the NYSE. Susan picked up a few things we needed for the house. For lunch we ate at a place called Pizza Pizza NY. It was good. We came home to cook dinner. We had to go back out to Times Square. Susan and the boys wanted to go to Toys R Us. I went to the Asics store. They did a foot ID on me for running shoes. They video recorded me running on a treadmill and scanned my feet with this machine. Basically, they said I should be wearing the same shoes Running Wild told me and Running Wild just watched me walk barefooted. The best part of Saturday was going to see the Lion King on Broadway. It was very well done. Susan and Aaron enjoyed it the most.

On Sunday, we went to Chinatown. Susan and Brian did some shopping. We stumbled into Little Italy. We headed uptown and went to Madison Square Park for a neighborhood BBQ block party. We ate some good ribs. We went to NBC Studios and did some shopping at Rockefeller Plaza. We went to Radio City Music Hall and waited outside by the red carpet for the Tony Awards. That wasNew York an experience. We saw Daniel Radcliffe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, the NY Jets quarterback, Brian Reynolds, Michael Douglas, Scarlet Johanson, Constatine, the band Green Day, Shawn Hayes, and Kelsey Grammar. It was hard to get pictures because we were across the street and all the media people were in our way. We stopped and got some Chinese take out on the way home. We were wore out and called it a night around eight. The photograph on the right is of Daniel Radcliffe signing autographs right beside us.

On day four, I started off the morning with a six mile run in Central Park. I ran the entire length of Central Park. The scenery was very nice. A little hilly, but nothing too steep. We were going to go to the Empire State Building, but visibility was only five miles, so we cancelled in hope of a clearer day. Susan and the boys went to Office Depot to pick up a poster board for the Today Show. We took Aaron back to Toys R Us to get this car set he couldn’t live without. We took Brian back to Chinatown to get him this belt that he also couldn’t live without. We went to Macy’s and Aeropostale near 5th Ave. We checked a couple of times on discount Broadway tickets. We picked three plays that we would like to see if discount tickets come available. No luck, but they said New YorkMonday was the worst day. Susan and I went to Central Park. While walking to Central Park, we noticed a lot of trailers parked around this one block. They were preparing to film a movie called Something Borrowed, which stars Kate Hudson. While walked past one trailer we saw Kate getting her hair done. We got a few pictures of her while she was walking between trailers. On the left is a photograph of Kate Hudson in a robe walking between two trailers. We called it a night early since we have to be at the Statute of Liberty at eight.

Day five was interesting. The day started off rough. I wrote down the wrong date for our Statue of Liberty tour. We woke up early and didn’t realize until we were there. A day early…lol. So we regrouped. We went to the Empire State Building. That was nice. Windy. We postponed one dayNew York because of low visibility. The day we went was 10 miles, which was nice. On the right is a photograph taken at the top of the Empire State Building. I was craving a gyro. While searching for one in Times Square we stumbled into a concert promotion for Volkswagon. Katy Perry was there. We were real close to her. Next we went to the Museum of Natural History. I showed them my school identification card to get the discount, which was suppose to be four dollars off. They told me they would just accept a cash donation. They wouldn’t even let me pay for Susan and the New Yorkboys. I only had 10 bucks on me, so they got all of that. The museum was okay. It was very long. Four floors worth of exhibits. We seemed to loose interest after awhile. Next we went to the Shake Shack right by Central park for burger and fries. It was very good. We ended the night at a Yankees baseball game. The Yankees beat the Phillies. The photograph on the left is our family at the Yankees game.

Day six was our busiest day by far. We woke up real early to be at Battery Park at 8am. We went to Liberty Island. We were fortunately one of the few people that were allowed to go into the crown of the Statue of Liberty. That was quite an New Yorkexperience. We climbed over 350 stairs to get there. The photograph on the right was taken inside of the crown Statute of Liberty. Next we went to Ellis Island and learned a lot about the early years of immigration into our homeland. We literally ate lunch in the subway because we were short on time. Next, I took another run around the outer loop of Central Park. Another six miles. After the run, Susan and I rushed off to the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon. That was a very nice experience. Lisa Kudrow was on the show. We were in several of the shots on the show. After the taping of the Late Night Show, we went back to the condo and cooked dinner. After dinner we went to a second Broadway play, American Idiot. The play was based on the true story of the band Green Day. The play was very good and quite different from the Lion King.

New YorkOn our last full day, we woke up very early and got in line to be the studio audience for the Today Show. We were the second group in line at 5:25. We stood right against the barricades and made it on television! Meredith and Al were not there though. Ann Curry was very nice. She stopped and talked to quite a few people. The photograph on the left is Susan, Brian and Aaron with a lady from the Weather Channel. She was filling in for Al Roker. Next we went on a NBC studio tour. We were able to see the sets for the Dr. Oz show, Saturday Night Live and Football show. We ate lunch at Bubba Gumps in Time Square. The waiter quizzed us on the movie, Forrest Gump. We were able to answer all of the questions except one, I think. We went to the New York City Fire Museum, which was very New Yorknice. They had a whole section dedicated to 09/11. The exhibit was very moving. The boys even got to try on some firefighter gear. The photograph on the right is Brian and Aaron decked our in fireman’s gear. Aaron proclaimed his career as a firefighter. Next we headed to Central Park (the boys had not been there yet). Aaron got to play in one of the playgrounds for awhile. We also visited Belvedere Castle to grab some nice views of the park and city. Then we had to head back to Toys R Us for the fourth time. Aaron had to have these new cars. I tried to score some student rush tickets for the Broadway play Addams Family. Shortly after getting in line, I realized I would only be able to get one discount ticket. So we called it a very early night. Everyone was tired and we decided to pack up. We enjoyed our time in New York City. There was so much to see and do. New York City was the largest city we have been to. The city was very fast paced.

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