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NC Snowstorm

During January 2000, we went through one of the heaviest snowfalls any of us ever saw in our life.ncsnowstorm We were living in Fayetteville, NC, at the time. Although it snowed several times while we lived there, this was the heaviest snowfall during our stay in North Carolina. To bad it was a little late for a white Christmas! Here is a photograph of Susan, Brian and Aaron braving the conditions.

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Christmas 1999

Christmas 1999 was our last Christmas in North Carolina. We got to spend this joyful day with xmas1999my mother and stepfather. My stepbrother, Ethan, also made it to North Carolina to be with us.

As always, the kids made out like bandits. Thanks to everyone who gave gifts to our family even though we are so far away.

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Christmas 1998

Unlike previous years, we opted to celebrate Christmas 1998 alone as a family. We spent the xmas1998holidays at our home in Fort Bragg, NC. We had a very nice, peaceful day. Susan was seven months pregnant with Aaron. I was attending the CID Special Agent school and was able to drive home from Fort McClellan, AL, to be with Susan and Brian. Here is a photograph of Brian holding one of his gifts.

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Army Photographs

I spent my early adult years as a soldier. Here are a few photographs taken while Imilitary was in the Army. The photograph to the right is me wearing my Class A uniform. He was proud of it because of the Airborne beret and boots.

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