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Mardi Gras 2007

Mardi Gras 2007 arrived early this year. We spent the weekend before Fat Tuesday in Pensacola. mardigras2007The downtown parade was on the same day as Aaron’s birthday, 02/17/07. Steve and his family were able to make the parade. Although it didn’t rain, like last year, the weather was cold. On the following day, Susan and I attended the parade at Pensacola Beach for the first time. We knew someone on a float. After getting their attention, Susan, who was sitting on my shoulders, was bombed with throws. Everyone had a great time at each parade. We always look forward to the parades each year.

Brian and Aaron spent the day with their grandmother. Here is a photograph of Mike and Susan at the beach parade. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Mall Ball 2007

On January 27, 2007, Susan and 1 attended their first Mall Ball. The Mall Ball is a Mardi Gras mallball2007Ball that is held at Cordova Mall. The mall closes early and then reopens for the ball. The ball lasts from 8pm until midnight. The ball is a charitable event for the local children’s hospital. Susan and I went to the ball with our friends, Ron, Brandy, Brandon and Dee. Before the ball we attended a pre-party at Ron and Brandy’s house. We thoroughly enjoyed our first Mardi Gras ball. We look forward to many more. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Mardi Gras 2006

During Mardi Gras 2006, we attended the night and Saturday (known as the Grand) parades in mardigras2006Pensacola. Brian’s friend Travis attended the night parade with us. On Saturday, Susan’s brother, Steve, and his family attended the grand parade with us. We do not have many photographs from the Saturday Parade because it started raining on us. Here is a photograph of Brian, Aaron, and Travis yelling for beads as the floats pass by. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Mardi Gras 2004

Since our return to Pensacola, Mardi Gras has become an annual event that we look forward to. mardigras2004Catching beads and grabbing moon pies is what it is all about. Well, considering I usually works the parades, keeping an eye on the crowd is what Mardi Gras is about for me.

This year Susan’s brother and sister headed South to see what all the hype was about. Besides, how could catching a $5 unique set of beads be exciting? Well, as the pictures show, they soon learned. Here is a photograph of Susan, Steve, Kelly and Lisa before the Saturday Grande Parade. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.