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Miami Trip

On July 27th, 2008, Susan and I departed for a one week vacation in Miami, FL. We stayed one night in Orlando to break up the long drive. We were able to stay four nights at Surfside, Florida. Surfside is a beach town that is north of Miami Beach.

On July 29th, Susan and I drove to Gator Park, which was in the Everglades. At Gator Park, we took an airboat tour of the Everglades. Out of about 16 people on our airboat tour, we were the only Americans on the boat. Well besides the tour guide. The other guests came from Germany, Spain and Holland. During the airboat tour we saw about four alligators. MiamiAll of the alligator sightings were in the canal we departed from. After we returned from the airboat tour, we watched a demonstration by an alligator wrestler. The wrestler demonstrated the weaknesses and strengths of an alligator. After the show, Susan got to hold an alligator for a picture. When the wrestler handed Susan the alligator, the wrestler had to leave to contain the larger alligator. Susan was stuck holding the alligator for some time. Of course I was not going to touch it! To the right is a photograph of Susan handling that beast.

After we experienced the Everglades we decided to drive to the Florida Keys. Once we got to the keys, which was about an hour away from the Everglades, we enjoyed the most scenic drive of our life. At several places we could see the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time. We stopped in Marathon Florida, which is about the half way point between the beginning of the Keys and Key West. We visited a public beach to check out the water. The beach was not as we Miamiexpected. There were numerous broken shells and rocks on the beach. The sand and ocean floor were difficult to walk on. There was also several large beds of sea grass. The water was not as clear as the Miami Beaches. We expected the beaches in the Keys to be more beautiful than Miami, but quickly learned that Miami Beach was far nicer. We did enjoy the experience of seeing the beach and driving over the numerous Keys. The photograph on the left was taken at Miami Beach.

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