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New Years Eve 2013

For New Years Eve 2013, Susan and I rented a room at the Days Inn on Pensacola Beach. We joined four of the other friends at the beach. We ate dinner at Hemmingways. ¬†After dinner we DSC00876went to Capt’n Funs Beach Club to ring in the New Year. We got to Capt’n Funs just in time to see Clemson beat LSU! Go ACC!

The boys celebrated New Years Eve in downtown Pensacola. Brian and Aaron watched the Pelican drop. Shortly after midnight, they joined us at the beach.

The photograph is of Susan and I with our friend Shannon at dinner.

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New Years 2011

New Years 2011 was our best New Years ever. On December 30, 2010, we traveled to Atlanta, GA. When we arrived in Atlanta, we checked into our hotel room and left immediately to meet two of newyears20111my cousins for dinner. We met Lisa and Tracy for pizza. We has not seen his two cousins in several years. It was nice catching up with Lisa and Tracy. We had a lot in common with them. Lisa is a marathon runner. I was training for a marathon. Tracy teaches school, so her and Susan compared their school districts. After dinner, we walked to the Georgia Aquarium. The purpose of our trip to Atlanta was to watch the Chick Fil A Bowl on New Years Eve. The aquarium was hosting a fan party the night before the game. The team’s cheerleaders were there. Our friends Dan and Sam met us at aquarium. We enjoyed the exhibits at the aquarium. Brian and Aaron liked the petting tank the most. On the right is a photograph of Brian and Aaron at the aquarium. After checking out the aquarium we went back to the hotel. The adults stayed up late playing cards.

On the following day we set out to find Susan a new hair iron. I broke the iron when he was newyears20112pulling luggage out of the trunk. We found a hair iron in downtown Atlanta. We even found a Moe’s to eat at. We then went to the Georgia Dome for the Chick Fil A Bowl. FSU was playing against South Carolina. This was our first bowl game. Before the game, they dropped a lot of cows from the ceiling. The cows parachuted down like the commercial. I caught one of the cows for Aaron. South Carolina was ranked higher than FSU. A lot of people expected SC to win. Florida State played an amazing game. FSU won 26-17. The photograph on the left is Susan and I before the game started.

The game ended a little before 11pm on New Years Eve. We walked from the Georgia Dome to Underground Atlanta. We wanted to watch the Peach Drop. When we got near the Peach Drop, the police had the roads blocked. We could not get near Underground Atlanta. A teenager was shot near the Peach Drop. We walked into a parking garage and was able to see the lighted peach. At midnight we watched the Peach Drop from a distance. Atlanta had a firework show that started after the Peach Drop. We couldn’t see the fireworks though. They were being lit from the top of the parking garage we were in. The New Years Eve celebration turned into a funny disaster. We decided to call it a night and walked back to the hotel, which was about another mile. The poor girls were in pain since both were wearing high heeled boots. At the hotel we realized we were hungry. We ordered take out Thai food, which was actually real good. After feeding our hunger, thenewyears20113 adults hung out in the hotel bar.

We left New Years day for home. We stopped in Montgomery to visit with Susan’s mom. Susan’s mom watched Wiggles for us. We decided to stay with Susan’s mom for a night at the last minute. The photograph on the right is Susan and her mom on New Years day.

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New Years 2010

On New Years Eve 2010, we went to downtown Pensacola to watch the Pelican drop. This was our second year to watch the Pensacola Pelican drop. Mom joined us for the newyears2010pelican drop. We enjoyed walking around, watching the bands and then watching the pelican drop at midnight. At midnight there was also a fireworks show. Here is a photograph of the lighted Pelican dropping.

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New Years 2009

On New Years Eve, 2009, we went downtown to witness the first Pelican drop in Pensacola. Many cities have famous drops (like the New York City ball drop and the Atlanta peach drop). Pensacolanewyears2009 took after the theme by building a large lighted pelican to drop at the stroke of midnight.

My mom and Susan’s mom were able to join us. The festivities included dancing for the children. Several of the local mascots were at the party. At 8 o’clock the children lit the Pelican. We left shortly afterward. Mom watched the Pelican drop on television at midnight. Susan and I were out celebrating with friends at midnight.

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New Years 2008

On New Years Eve 2008, Susan and I celebrated the upcoming year at Capt’n Funs newyears2008Downtown. We met several friends at the bar. Here is a photograph of us shortly before the clock struck midnight.

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New Years 2002

On New Years Eve 2002, we had a small party at our home in El Paso, TX. We inivited our newyears2002neighbors and friends over to hang out with us. We spent most of the night watch television and dancing to music. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.