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Orlando 2013 Trip

During the last week of March 2013, we went to Orlando for Spring Break. This was Brian’s last DSC01179spring break with us. My mom, stepdad and stepbrother met us in Orlando. We stayed at Vacation Village Resort, thanks to mom.

We had a three day pass to Universal Studios. With the exception of Brian and Ethan, this was everyone’s first time to visit Universal Studios. Brian actually went to Islands of Adventure the weekend before, as part of his senior class trip. To the right is a photograph that we took on our last day.

DSC01137On Tuesday, we visited Universal Studios. On the rock it ride, Brian’s eyeglass arm broke off. Brian was pretty bummed because it was his Oakley glasses he just got on his last birthday. While we were waiting in line at the Twister ride, Susan saw an eyeglass arm lying on the ground. The arm was Brian’s! The arm clipped right back in and was not damaged. What are the chances? Brian’s day was brightened. He didn’t wear those glasses back to the parks the next two days. To the left is Brian holding his glasses right after Susan found the arm!

On the same day, we all got stuck on the Mummy Ride. We were told that someone tried to get off during the ride. After waiting in line for about an hour, Susan, Aaron, and I got stuck during the DSC01139first five minutes of the ride. My mom, stepdad, stepbrother and Brian got stuck on the very end of the ride. Since we were stuck, we received an express pass for one ride. We actually were able to use it for four rides. Here is a photograph of several of us stuck on the ride. This has never happened to any of, so we wanted to memorialize it. Some girl that worked at Disney World was also stuck with us.

We had a very nice time. This is the first time all of my family got together in about five years. We look forward to our next vacation that is just several months away! We will be going to Las Vegas in June.

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Disney Marathon Weekend

During the first weekend of January 2012, I completed the Goofy Challenge. The challenge consists of running a half marathon (13.1 miles) on Saturday, and then completing a marathon disneymarathon1(26.2 miles) on Sunday. Susan and the boys took a couple of days off of school and traveled down to Orlando with me. Also, our friend from the Army, Bill Kendall and his wife, Melanie, flew in from Maine to run in the marathon with me. On Friday, everyone visited the expo to pickup the running packets. The expo was held in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. It was very crowded, but well organized. On Friday evening everyone relaxed at the resort pool, which was heated. Mom was kind enough to set everyone up in an upscale condo for the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we departed the condo about 3:45 in the morning. Traffic was very heavy. I barely made it to his starting corral for the 5:35am start. Susan and the boys were able to see me at the start and at the finish line. I ran through Epcot and Magic Kingdom during the half marathon. I held back during the half marathon to reserve energy for the following day. I finished the half marathon in 1 hour, 55 minutes. After the half marathon, my thighs were a bit sore. I rested Saturday evening while carb loading. Sunday we decided to leave a little bit earlier. This time, I made it to my corral with plenty of time to spare. disneymarathon2Bill, Melanie, and I all started the race together. We ran almost the first mile together. I never saw Melanie again on the course. I saw Bill at a turnaround, near mile 21. The marathon course took us through Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and MGM Studios. I had thigh discomfort the entire marathon. I finished the marathon in 3 hours and 54 minutes, which was a new personal record for me.

I enjoyed completing the Goofy Challenge. After doing it once though, I have no desire to do it again. The course support was very good. Disney did a superb job of distracting runners from the pain of running 26 miles. My favorite sight was when he first entered Animal Kingdom. Several Disney employees lined the roadway with various animals. Birds, an owl, a lamb and a pig watched as crazy humans ran by them for hours. The photograph above was taken right before the full marathon. The photograph on the left is of me finishing the full marathon.

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