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U2 Concert

On October 9, 2009, we went to a U2 concert in Tampa, FL. We made a weekend trip out of the concert. Several of our friends went with us. A total of eight people left Pensacola to see U2. We u2concertrented two houses in Ybor City. The night we arrived we just hung out at the houses. The following day Maria woke everyone up early to go to Ikea. Maria fell in love with Ikea. Since I had my truck, Maria wanted to buy some furniture. Maria woke us up so early that we actually arrived to Ikea before the store even opened.

That night was the concert. The concert was held at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Stadium. Muse opened for U2. Before the concert we did not know who Muse was. We liked several of the songs. Muse sounded very good in person. U2 played next. This concert was called the 360 tour. The name was after the 360 degree stage that U2 played on. There was a massive LED screen that expanded above the stage. This concert was the largest and best concert that Mike and Susan ever attended. Most of the songs were known by the audience, who sang along most of the time. After the concert we went back to Ybor City and continued the party. The photograph on the right is Susan and I with U2 playing in the background.

u2concert2Maria thought it would be funny to short sheet our bed. Maria took the sheets and tucked the majority of them under the bed. Susan and I were a little intoxicated when we went to bed and could not figure out what was wrong with the sheets. We slept that way for the night. Maria got a kick out of it. Maria later reversed the sheets so they were coming from the head of the bed and not the foot. To get Maria back, Dan and I took Maria’s mattress out of her room and hid it in the other house. When Maria went to go to bed, she realized all she had was a box spring covered by a comforter. She came back to the other house and drug her mattress back. The photograph on the left is Dan and I sitting next to Maria’s mattress.

On the day after the concert, most of us went to the Tampa Aquarium. Maria,u2concert3 Edward and Cory had to leave early. They went to Orlando for another trip. We had a nice time at the aquarium. After the aquarium, we watched college football at the houses we rented. Dan and my team were playing at the same time. We setup two television in one of the living rooms to keep track of both games. The photograph on the right is of us watching college football. After the games were over, we walked around Ybor City. We went into several bars. One was the famous Coyote Ugly.

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