Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 we loaded up the car and headed to Montgomery, AL, where Susan’s family thanksgiving2006lives. The Thanksgiving meal was hosted by Tom and Maggie, who are Kelly’s (our sister in law) parents. All of Susan’s family was able to make thanksgiving dinner. Everyone had a good time and had plenty to eat. On the following Friday night, we met at Lisa’s house and had Thanksgiving meal, part two.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, everyone met at Susan’s mom’s house to watch the FSU v. Florida football game and eat some BBQ. FSU lost but we had a good time eating BBQ with the family. Afterward, Susan and I took the children to the Shakespeare Festival to feed the ducks. The photograph below is the four cousins feeding the ducks outside the Museum of Art. thanksgiving20062After feeding the ducks, we explored the Museum of Art.

On Saturday evening, the family met at Steve’s to enjoy a bonfire and grilled food. Thanksgiving is a time we like to enjoy family time. The photograph above is the cousins resting at Steve’s house. The weekend was very busy, but very fun. We got to go to have dinner at all of Susan’s families houses. This Thanksgiving is among the top best ones by far!

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