White Sands, NM

White Sands

While we lived in El Paso, TX, we took advantage of many of the sites the area had to offer. One of the sites that was just about an hour from our home was White Sands National Park. White Sands was very interesting. The pure white sand seemed far out of place in the desert of New Mexico.

The drive to the park was interesting. We drove through many rural desert roads.Several times we saw livestock that seemed out of place. We also had to drive through White Sands Missile Range. The range is where the military tests most of their missile technologies. The view of the dunes covered in white sands was an amazing spectacle. For fun, we brought plastic saucers to slide down the dunes. The dunes and the sunset made for some very special photographs. The dunes seemed to change colors during sunset. Here is one of our favorite photographs. We were able to get the two brothers to pause for a quick pose. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.