Berlin, Germany

The night of the Ironman, we packed out bags, broke down the bike, and prepared to leave for Berlin.

DSCN3452On the following morning, we drove about six hours from Frankfurt to Berlin. Well, Maria drove as my legs were a bit sore from the day before. We reserved another Airbnb apartment in Berlin. This place was not quite as close to the town center, so we had to drive everywhere while in Berlin. Berlin was so much more busier than Frankfurt. More traffic, more people, more patience! Parking was such a pain. We should have taken public transportation even though we had a car.

After checking into our condo, we went to theDSCN3465 Topography of Terror. This was where we first saw the remnants of the Berlin Wall. After the Topography of Terror, we visited Checkpoint Charlie. We were surprised to see the checkpoint was in the middle of a road that was still active. We found a street side food stand and decided to grab a currywurst. Berlin is known for their currywust and it did not disappoint. After eating, we drove to the house my mom and her family lived in almost 60 years ago. The apartment still stands, but was recently remodeled. We also located the former Army hospital DSCN3499that my mom was born at. I took several videos to share with my mom’s family.

On our second day in Berlin, we went to the TV Tower to grab of 360 degree view of the city. The tower was huge! It reminded us a lot of the CN Tower in Toronto. After the tower, we went to the the Berlin Wall Memorial. At this memorial, we noticed a brick line that still remains on the ground where the wall once
stood. Almost like an outline of where the wall once stood. After the memorial, we headed to museum island. Museum island was beautiful. DSCN3520There were five museums on the island. We only had time to visit two of the five museums, the Pergamon and Nues Museums. Both museums had items that were older than anything we have ever seen. Some of items dated back to before Christ! After the two museums, we were worn out from all of the walking and called it a night.

On our third day, we went to our first DSCN3598concentration camp, Sachsenhausen. The camp was a sobering reminder of Germany’s past. It was sad seeing the experience some endured. After the camp, we went to the Holocaust Memorial, which was a series of graves in line with one another. We then walked to the Bradenburg Gate. It was difficult to get to the gate as much of the area was closed off for a soccer game. After checking out the Bradenburg, we headed to the Reichstag, which is the Capitol building for Germany. We were truly amazed by all of the old buildings around the city. The photograph to DSCN3672the right was just a random building we walked by on our way to the car.

The following morning we left Berlin and headed to Munich, which I will discuss in another blog. Click on any of the photographs to view all of the photographs from Berlin.