Cancun Trip

On June 21, 2008, we took our first international trip as a family. We flew to Cancun, Mexico, where we stayed for seven nights. We had a wonderful time. We stayed right on the Caribbean Sea, at the Sunset Royal. We also had full privileges at the Sunset Lagoon, which was a sister resort on the intercoastal side of the peninsula. Here is a photograph of Susan standing on the beach near our hotel.Cancun

On one of the days, our family went on a jungle tour. During the tour we boarded a boat and drove through the lagoon. We ended up at a reef. At the reef we were able to snorkel for awhile. We saw a lot of fish.

Something else that we did was eat dinner at Senor Frogs. The dinner was very good, but the entertainment was even better. Aaron got to slide down a slide that began inside the restaurant and ended in the lagoon. Everyone got on stage at one time or another to dance to a silly song. It was a very fun restaurant that anyone that visits Cancun should check out.

CancunOn June 23, 2008, we visited Chitchen Itza, which are Mayan Ruins. Chitchen Itza consisted of two cities that contained quite a few stone structures. Unfortunately, they no longer allowed tourist to climb the pyramid because someone fell off of one the previous year. We found it very interesting how the sound traveled between the structures and how the body of a snake illuminates during equinox at the main pyramid. To the left is a photograph of Susan, Brian and Aaron at Chitchen Itza.

While in Cancun, Susan and I went out on the town two nights. The first night, a Wednesday, we went to Coco Bongo. Coco Bongo is a very large dance club. There were several shows through the night. The shows were very good. A hostess from our hotel brought us to Coco Bongo and provided us with balcony sitting above the chaos of the crowd. Another night we visited Congo, which was a small bar on the strip. Not much happened at Congo, but we enjoyed interacting with the crowd. The bottom photograph was taken at the smaller bar we visited.Cancun

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