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Brian’s 19th Birthday

On 02/18/13, Brian turned 19 years old. It was President’s Day, so Brian had the day off of school.DSC01060 However, Brian did have to go to work at Papa Johns later that night. When I woke up, we gave Brian his gifts. Brian got a pair of Oakley sunglasses, a bottle of cologne and some special headlights for his car.

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Mardi Gras 2012 (Pensacola)

In 2012, Aaron’s birthday was the same day as the Pensacola Friday night parade. We took Aaron mardigras2012and two of his friends to the parade. We also brought Forrest for the first time.  Bringing Forrest ended up being a bad idea though. Forrest did not like the loud noises. The boys did very well catching beads and other items. I brought a ladder to help the boys get attention over other people. Aaron enjoyed his 13th birthday. Afterward we ate some pie to celebrate the day.

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Birthdays – Brian’s 17th and Aaron’s 12th

On February 17th and 18th, we celebrated Brian’s 17th birthday and Aaron’s 12th birthday. When birthdays2011Aaron got home from school on his birthday, we took him to Academy Sports and bought him a basketball goal and an outfit. On the morning of the 18th, we let Brian open his gift, which was a Sony car stereo. Brian also got an outfit for school. Brian is saving his money to add an amplifier and subwoofers to his car stereo system. On the 19th, we let Aaron have a small birthday party at the house. Several of Aaron’s friends from school and the neighborhood came over. The boys played several games of basketball. After a few games, the boys ate hot dogs and birthday cake. The boys also threw water balloons at each other. Here is a photograph of Aaron searching for his next victim.

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Birthdays – Brian’s 16th and Aaron’s 11th

On February 17th and 18th, we celebrated Brian’s 16th birthday and Aaron’s 11th birthday. When birthdays2010the boys came home from school, we let them open their gifts. Aaron received a movie and a razor. Brian received his first iPod and a pair of monster beats headphones. Here is a photograph of Aaron opening his razor scooter.

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Birthdays – Brian’s 14th and Aaron’s 9th

On February 17th and 18th, we celebrated Brian’s 14th and Aaron’s ninth birthday. The birthdays2008boys invited a couple of friends over for a sleep over. For dinner we all enjoyed CiCi’s pizza. Aaron got several transformers. Brian opted for a large present, a Sony Playstation Portable (PSP). The birthday cake was hand picked by the boys at Sam’s Club. Here is a photograph of the boys playing with their new toys.

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Susan’s 31st Birthday

During the weekend of Susan’s 31st birthday, we traveled to San Destin. San Destin is a small community east of Destin, FL. At San Destin, we stayed at Baytown Wharf. Baytown Wharf is a  susans31stresort village that is located on the Choctawahchee Bay. The wharf has numerous condo buildings. Specialty shops, several restaurants and bars are located on the wharf. We rented a two bedroom condo located near the center of the village. We had a wonderful time. On Susan’s birthday, we ate at the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. Later that night our friend, Pat, joined us for a few drinks. We also shopped at the Silver Sands Outlet Mall in San Destin.  Our friends, Ron and Brandy joined us for the weekend, too. Susan was getting over the flu but made the best of the situation.

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Mike’s 31st Birthday

On September 25, 2007, Susan and I celebrated my 31st birthday. After the large party for my 30th birthday, I decided to have a low key celebration this year. We met somemikes31stfriends at Capt’n Funs Beach Club, which is at Pensacola Beach. Our friends Jon and John (not planned) met us. They shot some pool while Susan supervised. By the end of the night, I took over as bartender and was serving our bartender, Genti. Here is a photograph of Mike and Susan at Capt’n Funs.

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Mike’s Mom’s 50th Birthday

On March 4, 2007, my mother had a small party to celebrate her 50th birthday. The celebrationmikesmom50th was held at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where she lived and went to school. Phil grilled hotdogs for everyone. Afterward, Phil led us in a game to see who knew the most about mom. Paula, Debbie’s sister won the game. Here is a photograph of Debbie standing around her friends from the seminary.

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Birthdays – Brian’s 13th and Aaron’s 8th

On the weekend of February 17th and 18th, 2007, Brian and Aaron celebrated their birthdays. birthdays2007Brian became a teenager and Aaron turned eight years old. On the 17th, the family attended the Pensacola Grand Mardi Gras Parade. Since Susan’s brother, Steve, and his family were in town for the Mardi Gras events, they were able to celebrate the birthdays with us.

On the night of the 17th, we had a bonfire in the backyard. Several of their neighborhood friends came over to play by the fire. To the right is a photograph of the boys and their friends during the bonfire. On the 18th, the boys spent the day with their Grandma and Phil, who took them to a movie. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Susan’s 30th Birthday

On February 9th, 2007, Susan turned the magical 30 years old! To celebrate we
susans30thinvited several friends over for a little party. For the party we had a six foot long sub from Subway, a keg of Coors light, and several other food items. Susan will only turn 30 once, so we decided to have the best time possible. Everyone had a great time. Here are a few of the pictures that we took during the party. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.