Chicago 2017

During the first weekend of October 2017, Susan and I visited Chicago for our first time. We visited our friends, Dan and Jen, who moved there about a year ago. We walked around downtown and took an architecture boat tour. The tour was on a riverboat that went through the middle of downtown. During the tour a lady passed out. We had to pull to the side and call an ambulance for her. She seemed to be fine by the time the ambulance arrived. The tour guide was very knowledgable with all of the downtown buildings. I am glad we did the tour.

We stopped at Giordano’s and had the best pizza ever! It was a deep dish, BBQ chicken pizza. I wish we had a place in Pensacola that served a similar pizza. Maybe it is best there isn’t though.

We also visited quite a few breweries. Most of the breweries were on the outskirt of town. We went to the Forbidden Root Brewery, which was probably our favorite.

We went to the well known Laugh Factory. There wasn’t any comedy shows while we were in town, but there was an improv show. The improv show was pretty good. It was a part of the podcast festival that was happening in town during that weekend.

Our trip was too short! We will have to return to see everything we missed. Now we have friends that we can stay with!

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