Christmas 2002

This holiday season was special for many reasons. After spending seven years in the Army, this was our first Christmas back home! xmas2002Since we were so close to family we got to spend Thanksgiving with Susan’s family and Christmas Eve with my family. It is good to be back! To the right is a photograph of all of the cousins in Montgomery.

Every year the Saint Anne’s Catholic Church had a spectacular light display. For our first year back in Pensacola, we decided to go and see the lights. Luckily we did because in two years Hurricane Ivan destroyed many of the light and Saint Anne’s stopped the display. While Susan and I enjoyed looking at the lights, the boys enjoyed enjoyed riding the train on wheels around the area. This was their 39th year having the display.

My mom, stepdad and stepbrother were able to spend Christmas with us. On the left is a xmas20022photograph of all of us at Christmas. Thank you to everyone who gave to us. I am better equipped for work with new clothes and a multi-tool, Susan will be looking snazzy at work in her new clothes, and the boys will have months of entertainment with all their new toys.

While we enjoyed getting all of our gifts, probably the most memorial event was watching Aaron fall off the loveseat, try to grab the tree while falling, and landing on the presents. He wasn’t hurt, but was quite stunned and didn’t try that stunt again!

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