Cruise 2017

On June 3, 2017, we set sail on our longest cruise to date. This eight day cruise took us to Aruba, Curaçao, and Grand Turk. It took almost three days to reach our first port (Aruba). This was our first time in Aruba. Susan and Aaron did a snorkeling excursion. I wanted to dive while in Aruba. At the first wreck (the Antilles), Susan and Aaron were snorkeling above as I dove. The wreck was about 60′ at the deepest. After snorkeling, Susan and Aaron had a BBQ meal at a beach. Then they took a bus back to the port. The photograph to the right is Aaron and Susan at the beach in Aruba. Links to my dive videos are below.

Our next stop was Curaçao. This was probably our favorite stop. We took a taxi from the port to Cas Abou Beach. Cas Abou had good reviews online. The cab ride was about 45 minutes each way. It ended up costing $100 round trip. We did enjoy the cab ride. We saw a lot of the city. Where is uber when you need them? Cas Abou was beautiful. There were not a lot of people there. It definitely wasn’t touristy. We only saw a few other people from the ship. The snorkeling at the beach was incredible. There was a lot of coral at the beach. The photograph to the left is Susan and I next at the end of the beach. There is also a link to a video of us snorkeling below.

Our last stop, Grand Turk, was actually the only port we have visited during a prior cruise. We were impressed by the port last time. So we decided to just hangout in the port area. After shopping for a bit, we went to Margartiville. They have a large outdoor pool with bar service. Some of the friends Aaron

met on the boat were also hanging out at the pool. About two hours before we were to leave they kicked everyone out of the pool to treat it. Apparently someone threw up in the pool. So we went behind Margartiville to the beach until it was time to go. There aren’t many places you can swim next to the cruise ship. How cool is this photograph?

Click on any of the photographs to view the entire album. Thanks for reading!

My first dive video:

My second dive video:

Snorkeling at Cas Abou Beach: