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Thanksgiving 2010

We spent Thanksgiving 2010 in Montgomery, AL, with Susan’s family. We arrived in Montgomery the night before Thanksgiving. We went to Susan’s sister’s house for a short visit. The following thanksgiving2010day we drove to Maggie and Tom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. All of Susan’s immediate family were able to make the gathering. We had a real nice time. The cousins spent time catching up with each other. I went on call Thanksgiving night at midnight. So we had to leave Montgomery that evening. We had a nice visit with Susan’s family even though it was cut short. Here is a photograph of the entire family.

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Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009 was another wonderful Christmas with for our family. On December 12, 2009, we attended the Fraternal Order of Police Christmas party. Many of my coworkers were at the party. When the party closed, most of us went to Seville Quarter to dance.

The week of Christmas we went to Montgomery, AL, to spend time with Susan’s family. We had a xmas20091very nice time. On December 22, 2009, Susan’s family got together at her mother’s house. We ate a big dinner and finished the night playing dirty Santa. We received some nice presents. The photograph on the right is of Brian, Aaron and their cousins in Montgomery. When we left Montgomery, we brought Susan’s mom back with us so she could celebrate Christmas at our house.

I was able to be off of work for this Christmas. I went around the house around 5am and woke everyone up. Everyone received xmas20092some very nice gifts. Brian received a new television. Both of the boys got a new Playstation 3. I got a painting of the Pensacola Bay area that I asked for. Susan received some nice boots that she had her eye on for awhile. After everyone was done opening gifts, Susan cooked a nice ham dinner. The photograph on the left is of Susan and I on Christmas morning.

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Montgomery Visit

In the middle of July 2009, we went to Montgomery, AL, for the weekend. We wanted to visit with montgomery2009Susan’s family before school started the following month. The boys enjoyed playing in Grammy’s pool with their cousins. Here is a photgraph of all of the cousins in the pool. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Thanksgiving 2006

Thanksgiving 2006 we loaded up the car and headed to Montgomery, AL, where Susan’s family thanksgiving2006lives. The Thanksgiving meal was hosted by Tom and Maggie, who are Kelly’s (our sister in law) parents. All of Susan’s family was able to make thanksgiving dinner. Everyone had a good time and had plenty to eat. On the following Friday night, we met at Lisa’s house and had Thanksgiving meal, part two.

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, everyone met at Susan’s mom’s house to watch the FSU v. Florida football game and eat some BBQ. FSU lost but we had a good time eating BBQ with the family. Afterward, Susan and I took the children to the Shakespeare Festival to feed the ducks. The photograph below is the four cousins feeding the ducks outside the Museum of Art. thanksgiving20062After feeding the ducks, we explored the Museum of Art.

On Saturday evening, the family met at Steve’s to enjoy a bonfire and grilled food. Thanksgiving is a time we like to enjoy family time. The photograph above is the cousins resting at Steve’s house. The weekend was very busy, but very fun. We got to go to have dinner at all of Susan’s families houses. This Thanksgiving is among the top best ones by far!

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Montgomery Visit

During the beginning of August 2006, we visited Susan’s family in Montgomery, AL. While in montgomery2006Montgomery, the boys went to Eastdale Mall with their cousins, Katie and Emily. While at the mall the kids ice skated and visited the pet store. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Christmas 2004

We had a very nice Christmas in 2004. This year we spent Christmas with just our family in xmas2004Pensacola. We were able to visit with family before and after Christmas. Before Christmas, Susan happened to be in Montgomery when her sister, Lisa, was having her work Christmas party. Bob got Lisa a limo and Susan accompanied Lisa as her date. To the left is a picture of Susan and Lisa before the party. Thanks to everyone who helped make this Christmas special. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Thanksgiving 2004

For Thanksgiving 2004, we went to Montgomery to spend the holiday with Susan’s family. Steve, thanksgiving2004Susan’s brother, hosted Thanksgiving dinner at his house. We had a wonderful time. While the children played outside, the adults sat around the kitchen eating chips and dip. After dinner, everyone sat together for a nice family photograph. Here is the family photograph. I have no idea what Maggie and Aaron are looking at. Frank, Mrs. Lafreniere’s boyfriend, took all of the below photographs. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Montgomery Visit

During July 2002, we left El Paso when I was honorable discharged from the Army. Before montgomery2002moving back to Pensacola, we visited our families in Mobile and Montgomery. Here is a photograph of Brian and Aaron helping Grammy water her grass.

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Thanksgiving 1998

For Thanksgiving 1998, we drove down from North Carolina to spend the holiday in Montgomery. Dinner was held at Lisa’s house, Susan’s sister. The kids spent most of the time outside playing, thanksgiving1998while the adults avoided the cold by staying indoors. Everyone did get together for a family photograph. Here is one of the family photographs we took.

Brian’s grandma (my mom) decided to give him his Christmas gifts while he was down. As you will see, the excitement was to much for both of them. They both ended up falling asleep on the couch afterward. Click on the photograph to view the entire gallery.

Brian’s Baby Shower

When Susan unexpectedly got pregnant with Brian, her family and friends threw her a baby babyshowershower to help make sure she had the items she needed before Brian joined us.

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